Seven strangers show up at an empty house to star in an independent horror film, but are turned against each other as, one by one, they are discovered brutally murdered by the director.
The Synopsis
When the cast of OPUS arrives to an empty house in the desert, none suspect foul play. After all, each of the seven cast members were hand-picked from online submission videos to be part of an unscripted horror film. But as their cast mates start to turn up murdered, the actors begin to turn on one another. The house is locked down from the outside, and the cast scrabbles to find the truth. Finally, they realize that the film is real, and that their deaths are being recorded by the killer himself – the Director.
Director’s Note
Opus was created using a unique process. The story was partially scripted and the dialogue was improvised. The actors never saw a script and discovered the scenes along with their characters. The ultimate goal was to create a film that people hadn’t seen before told through a new perspective.